Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lost in Life

So a few things have happened since I was last here. Let me see if I can condense it all down in a *short* list. Here goes:

-uh....*brain fart* oh!

-moved to northwest georgia
-cleaned house
-job hunting...lots of job hunting
-job hunting and cleaning
-oh yeah, let's not forget the depression
-job hunting
-job hunting
-job hunting
-job hunting
-fighting with the guy (did we actually break up or didn't we? i'm so confused. so much for loving someone through their issues, no matter how supportive you've been of them.)
-job hunting
-house hunting
-storage facility hunting
-job hunting
-continual cleaning and laundry
-job hunting
-house/motel/trailer/abandoned barn hunting
-job hunting

That's about the gist of it.  I am stretched beyond thin and am almost to a breaking point. I have started scouting out roads I can park on to sleep in my vehicle where the cops will leave me in peace. I am okay with this. I am substitute teaching but it's not nearly consistent. My hundred or so applications for additional employment have yielded nothing so far, aside from an interested fast food manager who has yet to call me and say those magical words: you're hired/you start tomorrow/etc.  I have not been happy lately and can very much relate to Eyeore in his tent.

Several times I have needed my mother, who only wants to talk about the next trip planned or what this person did that week/weekend instead of listening to her rapidly fading offspring as she spirals down.  I do what is expected, put on my smile and act like the world is sunshine and roses. No one knows the truth but those few I have already spoken to about circumstances.

I am so tired of being rejected and made to feel like I am not good enough. I have no fight left.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Book Review #1 -- Small Town Dreams by Rebecca Milton

Wahoo! Welcome to a new segment!  This is my very first book review here on my blog.  I've been playing with the idea of reviewing a book here and there for years now and finally had the gumption to just say 'what the hell' and do it. So here goes the very first book review! (giggle...guess this would be losing my book review cherry) Anywho, on to the show!


Small Town Dreams, Rebecca Milton
Finished Reading On: 12/25/2014

Downloaded to my Kindle as a free ebook, Milton's Small Town Dreams is a story of a young girl on the cusp on womanhood.  Anne, a junior in high school, faces teen issues and angst culminating in a horrifying situation in which her best friend is murdered.  She then takes us through trying to balance life in a small town where things are no longer perfect.

The book does tend to jump about a bit without warning or a date stamp for future or past events, but other than that Milton's book was good. If you are able to follow a plot that jumps slightly, then this is the book for you. This book receives three out of five stars on the Random Thoughts and Jots review board.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Decisions, decisions...

I am in the process of creating a new character for a story and have found pics of her plus pics of her tattoos.  I just don't have a name for her yet! She's pretty easy going, sort of a 'modern day hippie'.  You'll more likely find her walking barefoot or in her flip flops.

Well, here she is!

PLEASE HELP!! Any and all name suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Getting to Know You--Authors: Kathy Reichs


You're probably wondering where you've heard that name before.  If you can't recall, here's a little hint: skeletons.

Kathleen Joan Toelle "Kathy" Reichs is a forensic anthropologist, academic and crime writer.  Her career in forensic anthropology is the basis for the character of 'Temperance Brennan' on the hit t.v. show Bones (played by Emily Deschanel). Brennan is also a character in several of Reich's seventeen novels, along with five articles in her Virals series and four Novellas.

Kathy Reichs is also a producer on the show and has shown FBI agents how to recover human remains. She has consulted with medical examiners and has helped to identify remains from World War II.  She has also helped to identify remains at the World Trade Center site, as well as being an expert witness in the murder trial of Casey Anthony.

If I could ask her one question it would have to be, 'What was your most memorable case and why?'


Saturday, December 13, 2014

Getting to Know You--Television Shows: Nan Woods

You may remember her as "Cherry White" from the show China Beach. She was a Red Cross Volunteer (a "Doughnut Dolly" as they were called, amongst other things) who was in Viet Nam searching for her lost brother Rick White.  Her character was killed off towards the end of Season Two.  In one scene she truly embodied the strength of so many of the female volunteers as she comforted one of the new recruits in a bunker during a fire fight.  Her determination to calm the other young woman made me wonder just who she was as an actress and want to learn more about her.

Woods, pictured bottom right, was born in Chicago, Illinois in the summer of 1966 and has also played in Welcome Home, Bobby, Lady Blue, One More Saturday Night, In the Mood and The Betty Ford Story. 

These are just a few things that I've learned while researching:

1. Her first name is Susan.

2. Nan is her middle name.

3. She's a Cancer (06/21/1966).

4. China Beach was her last role acting.

5. She lives in Chicago with her husband and family.

All things considered, I think she's had a pretty respectful career.  It may not have been long, but the work she produced had substance, life.  Her character is one of my favorites and I'm glad to see that the series has been preserved and not allowed to disappear into the infinity of time and space (okay, well, maybe not space, but still).

If I were ever able to meet her, I think I'd like to know:

1. What made you decide to leave acting?

2. Several of your fans have asked where you've gone or what you've done since China Beach. Have you ever considered a reunion of sorts with the rest of the cast?

3. Do you regret not having a longer acting career?

4. Favorite hobby?

5. One thing you'll always remember about your time at China Beach?

6. Do you wish that you had been able to more fully develop any of your characters?


Anybody got a map?

I've been considering doing a few book reviews here and there but have no clue where to start! So, I hereby open the floor up to those who read my blog for any and all suggestions on where to start in regards to titles, authors, hints for a good review, etc.

Thank you in advance! :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Guilty Until Proven Innocent... in Some People's Eyes Anyway

To those of you were are wondering where the three posts went about wrestlers, they have been deleted.

Recently, I've been shunned by someone I consider a sister. All because I had the audacity to go and research three wrestlers I found interesting. You see, she's had a dream, a goal, recently that I encouraged her to go for and when I expressed an interest in helping her as an assistant, she agreed.

When I expressed an interest in getting to know these wrestlers as people and hanging out with them, she agreed.  When I said 'wouldn't it be cool to come up with awesome questions to ask when we're hanging out', she agreed and said she's help me learn interview techniques.

So, I found myself wanting to learn about three people. I researched on my own and came up with some pretty cool questions. Sure, very, very beginner level but cool to me.  I was learning something knew and looking forward to having a goal again, especially one that I could share with one of my best friends.  I wrote my blog entries, let her know I'd written them, shared facts about what I'd learned and encouraged her to read them.

Now, I suspect she never even read them until yesterday and has completely forgotten the entire conversation.

Something has happened lately, though. Perhaps she has read them because, as I stated earlier, I have been shunned.

Anyway, fun, exciting blogs for me are now deleted forever.