Thursday, December 18, 2014

Getting to Know You--Authors: Kathy Reichs


You're probably wondering where you've heard that name before.  If you can't recall, here's a little hint: skeletons.

Kathleen Joan Toelle "Kathy" Reichs is a forensic anthropologist, academic and crime writer.  Her career in forensic anthropology is the basis for the character of 'Temperance Brennan' on the hit t.v. show Bones (played by Emily Deschanel). Brennan is also a character in several of Reich's seventeen novels, along with five articles in her Virals series and four Novellas.

Kathy Reichs is also a producer on the show and has shown FBI agents how to recover human remains. She has consulted with medical examiners and has helped to identify remains from World War II.  She has also helped to identify remains at the World Trade Center site, as well as being an expert witness in the murder trial of Casey Anthony.

If I could ask her one question it would have to be, 'What was your most memorable case and why?'


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