Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Guilty Until Proven Innocent... in Some People's Eyes Anyway

To those of you were are wondering where the three posts went about wrestlers, they have been deleted.

Recently, I've been shunned by someone I consider a sister. All because I had the audacity to go and research three wrestlers I found interesting. You see, she's had a dream, a goal, recently that I encouraged her to go for and when I expressed an interest in helping her as an assistant, she agreed.

When I expressed an interest in getting to know these wrestlers as people and hanging out with them, she agreed.  When I said 'wouldn't it be cool to come up with awesome questions to ask when we're hanging out', she agreed and said she's help me learn interview techniques.

So, I found myself wanting to learn about three people. I researched on my own and came up with some pretty cool questions. Sure, very, very beginner level but cool to me.  I was learning something knew and looking forward to having a goal again, especially one that I could share with one of my best friends.  I wrote my blog entries, let her know I'd written them, shared facts about what I'd learned and encouraged her to read them.

Now, I suspect she never even read them until yesterday and has completely forgotten the entire conversation.

Something has happened lately, though. Perhaps she has read them because, as I stated earlier, I have been shunned.

Anyway, fun, exciting blogs for me are now deleted forever.


  1. You shouldn't have deleted them. They were really cool :)

  2. Thanks! I thought they were too but not worth the drama at the time. I do wish I'd saved them so that I could repost them at a later date if I decided to, but oh well. They were to be the first three of a "Getting to Know You" series I had planned.