Thursday, December 4, 2014

All Things BDB *drool* with a Touch of Norman Reedus

oh! Oh! OH EM GEE!!!

It has suddenly occurred to me that I've not introduced you to the SPECTACULAR vampire males of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. *sigh* *fans self*

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a Paranormal Romance series authored by J.R.Ward (who is, in fact, on Facebook...squee!) and is set in Caldwell, New York.  The Brotherhood are the protectors of the vampire species in the New World (aka, the States) and fight against the Lessening Society and it's leader, the Omega.

Now, the males aren't your normal vampire males...they're bigger, they're badder, they're BETTER! Oh, have I mentioned that they're totally hot!! I mean....HAWT!  They have superior strength, fighting skills and...well, have I mentioned they're hot?! 'Cause they definitely are! Total eye candy...ya know, in print. :)

One of the brothers even has, what some might call, a dark side. Others would probably call him a shifter of some sort. Personally, he's my favorite with a few others following closely behind. This is definitely a Paranormal series, as the vampires and the Omega are not the only "supernatural" beings in the books. Angels, ghosts and other specters also make an appearance.

The series starts with Wrath's book, Dark Lover, where we meet most of the main players. Wrath is the last of the pure blood, royal bloodline and is the King though he chooses not to ascend the throne. He prefers to be fighting on the front lines versus shut up somewhere. He is also known as The Blind King as he is legally blind. Through

Some would say that it's a little dry at first, but I have yet to find that true, especially since within the first fifty pages there's so much action (including a car bomb that kills one of the brothers) that you just want to keep reading.  Talk about starting off with a bang!

There are currently twelve books total in the series with more to come. J.R.Ward also authors the Fallen Angels series. I have not had a chance to read them, though. If you have, please leave a comment below.

 I hope you enjoy this series and the Brothers. Now, I am off to finish Blade II with Kris Kristofferson (Whistler) and Norman Reedus (Scud). Nummy, happy thoughts for me. See you soon!


  1. BDB <3 <3 <3

    Decidedly a good thing to share the boys with the world. Also, I think the library here might have the Fallen Angels series, so once I finish with the *cough* four books *cough* I'm in the midst of I will be tracking them down and binge reading ALL OF THEM...

    I should not have to explain the binge, not if you've been paying attention to my reading habits since you met me. :D

    1.'ll have to let me know how the Fallen Angels are!!! Please and thank you!

      Yeah, you definitely do NOT need to explain any book binge. :) :) :) :) :)