Thursday, December 4, 2014

Feel Like I've Been Abroad...For a Three Hour Tour

So very many things have been happening lately. Well, not even lately. Since I was last able to come and post about them. But, regardless, I'm back!

In lieu of Jack Nicholson (sp?)'s Jessie!

Let's see where we can catch up:

*grandma passed
*family fell apart
*dad sick
*restless sleep
*sugars up
*grandpa sick

That's pretty much the year, thus far, but on to lighter things.


I've been awake since around 0230 and am currently working my way through all four Blade movies.  Currently on Blade II and I'm picking up on all sorts of things I missed before. Like just exactly how fucked up it was what the vamps did to Whistler and just how truly nasty that new enemy is...the anomaly, I think they called him. Then again, Blade's an anomaly so go figure. Ah, here we go...they're Reapers.

Interesting how it's a virus that causes them to become Reapers.  Kind of like The Walking least according to the one guy at the Atlanta CDC (cannot remember his name for the life of me!) after the walkers ate the horse. Poor horse. :(

Decided to learn how to make frittatas again (after I had to be reminded of how to properly spell frittata). :)  Looks pretty easy and it's something I can actually have. I realized that they're basically a crustless quiche...and I do miss quiche.

Dude, that lead Reaper is butt waxy, melting skin type ugly.  Like a nasty, fungal infected, pussy douche nozzle. Eww.  Definitely not my yum yum.

On a slightly funny note, I managed to confuse the hell of a punk kid friend of my niece's. Smart ass posted a comment on her picture about wanting to get hi right after I commented on her picture. So, being the smart ass I am, I told him I only took my drugs to keep from getting high (ie, my insulin).  Confused the fuck out of him so I consider it a good day. :)

I never truly realized (I just completely misspelled that as I was typing...majorly) how much a damn oven-safe non-stick frittata/omelet pan costs until I searched on eBay. Oy vey!! Gotta save my pennies for one or learn how to make them on the stove top. Though, apparently, they don't get as crispy and crunchy that way.

Okay, I have to stop looking at frittata I'm realllly hungry! Plus, there aren't enough eggs in the house to make a frittata. :(

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