Friday, December 5, 2014

A Funny Thing Happened After the Doctor

So, after working all night, having a great morning with staff and residents, I head to the doctor.  The doctor diagnoses me and I call my scheduling supervisor to let her know....

Long, drawn out story later--guess who's now unemployed?!


Now begins the long, treacherous journey of once more navigating: SNAP, Cash Assistance, Unemployment, updating my resume (where did I save that at??) and filling out endless job applications. It would be nice to have a job wage I can actually live on, but a job is a job and bills certainly don't pay themselves. Wouldn't it be nice if they did? :)

Some opinions are to just ride the unemployment while it's there, but I have a feeling that certain people will attempt to make this impossible.

After I got over the shock of having not only my income taken away, but also my Christmas bonus and May bonus (not to mention my PTO), I headed out of town to visit family for a couple of days.  A very much needed break after everything this morning.

My soft place to land, so to speak, is filled with family who love and cherish me, who couldn't believe that I would be treated like I was after working for 4 1/2 years for a company...working days off, working double shifts, working holidays so someone else could have Thanksgiving, birthdays, Christmas with their family.  All that time to be treated like this.

It makes my heart sad.

So now, I take a few days for myself, regroup and figure a few things out.

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