Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sinking like a hot air balloon

A little while back, I posted a blog about my Type 3 diabetics. (Type 3) Of course, those that I aimed this blog post towards let me know just how much they appreciated my recognizing their support.  Recently, one of my type 3's made a negative comment in regards to my blood sugar level one day. I realize that this was done with love and concern, but it made me sit and think for a bit. Had I been too hasty in naming this person as one of my type 3's, as one of my main supports? No, I had not.  The only reasonable explanation that I could come up with is the fact that we're all human; we all err.  So, I decided to re-post my blog about Type 3's (link above) in the hope of reminding this person that, while their comment was innocent enough, it truly made me feel like crap.  I have a difficult enough time controlling my sugar levels some days and this particular day was one of them.  So please, if you are one of my type 3' the post.

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