Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Free Bird in a land of Candy Crush

Things have been...interesting...lately.

For starters, -I- chose to drop about 340 lbs.

Granted, this came in the 6'4" male variety, but I was tired of being the only one trying and doing anything in our engagement. My needs, primarily medical, were completely ignored and the majority of the time was spent solely on what -he- needed. I, about two years ago now, called bullshit on that.

In retrospect, I expected him to do some research of his own when I was diagnosed with my disease but he didn't. I wanted him to wake up and be more like this:   but it seems like such a change wasn't in his scope of capability.  Sure, in the beginning he was supportive and encouraging but that died off as his own needs and issues began to take over. I know none of us is perfect, and I sure wasn't looking or asking for that, but we did balance each other well...until he stopped listening.

Yes, it took me that long to accept certain truths and realities but here I am.  I think the kicker of it all was the realization that I was only upset for a matter of a few days after finally ending it.  As far as those upset moments go, I am truly grateful for my friends. Though I still wish that a certain someone had let his kid bury the rings in their backyard like I requested. *ahem...glares*

So this is it.

:) Me, just doing me for awhile...and that's alright.

I have had my theme songs (Sweet Child of Mine by Guns and Roses; Fighter by Christina Aguilera--don't judge me :P ) playing off and on but I'm doing well. 

Today I came across an article discussing Type 3 diabetics. My first thought was, what the hell is a type 3? Types 1 and 2 I had heard of, but type 3?? Are you sure that isn't a typo? Curious, I went to investigate here-->

As I was reading I also learned about Type 1.5. Again, what the hell is a type 1.5? If this is another typo, someone needs a new proofreading department!

I love that this site made up Type 3! I also love that the Type 3 mentioned in the article carries sugar packets in her purse for her friend. If that's not a pure example of support, love and concern, I don't know what is.

The article describes my Type 3's perfectly: those people who love and support me in my daily fight with Diabetes. <3 3="" :="" a="" am="" and="" any="" award="" badge="" before="" can="" completely="" designs="" doing="" for="" has="" i="" ideas="" like="" ll="" look="" nbsp="" no="" nominate="" of="" one="" open="" p="" people="" should="" start="" statue="" suggestions="" superhero="" that.="" the="" think="" this="" thought="" to="" type="" what="" why="">
I encourage everyone to go read this:  especially if you have a loved one who is Diabetic. I expect all of my Type 3's will read it before I even think to ask them if they've checked out my latest blog post or read the links, 'cuz they're AH-MAZ-ING like that. ;)

Finally, an apology to one of my Type 3's who was correct in questioning my thorough checking of a container of prepackaged yummy chicken goodness at Wally World the other day. Yes, I should have looked more carefully at the label. Yes, the chicken-y goodness was -not- the uber-deliciousness of General Tao wings (as promised by the other 5 containers I looked at) but the icky breaded nastiness of orange chicken (which I did not realize until I was home and opening my lunch). I know you are not overbearing, controlling or nosey (I promise, I know you're not :-P), but I truly did look at the labels, and when you're hungry and needing to go home you grab what you think is right and go.  Thank you for helping to look out for me...and for not murdering the asshats who are currently stocking the refrigerator with coffee cake, doughnuts, ice cream, bear claws and spaghetti. *hugs*

P.S. I miss watermelon. :/

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