Sunday, July 28, 2013

I think I've been in the T.A.R.D.I.S. with Dr. Who!

Oh my, how the time flies!  I had not realized it had been so long since I posted until I brought up the link to send to a good friend of mine to show her an example of an online blog.  I sincerely hope she starts a blog here; a lot of beautiful women would benefit from her wisdom. :)  She truly is an inspiration and a lovely woman. 

Things lately have been...interesting.  I've come to a few realizations lately, some good, some not so good.  I've learned a few things about myself that I'm not quite ready to share; some positive and others...not so much.  I have, above all, learned that I am still a work in progress and I truly hope that people remember this in their interactions.

I learned recently about Cuban Tree Frogs.  The pictures seem cute enough but, apparently, they are rather cannibalistic! Their primary diet...our own cute, little, bright green tree frogs. Specifically, baby/adolescent tree frogs. :(  Not cool, Cuban Tree Frogs, not cool.  My residents at work like our little tree frogs...leave 'em alone! 

I have also been busy with work and welcoming an amazing friend and colleague to third shift. She's fantastic and the residents all love her! :) I truly hope she sticks with it.

The question of returning to school has also been on my mind a lot lately, as well as the possibility of moving and renting a house.  I would love, one day, to be a first time home buyer but am unsure of all of the ins and outs required.  Something else to research!

Recently, I was two separate sections of my local paper with different articles related to diabetes. In one section, the article was about a middle aged man who was pre-diabetic. He changed his eating habits and dropped 110 pounds. Kudos to him! However, this is not me.

The second article was also about a middle aged man, only this one had already been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  He has also changed his diet and is losing tremendous pounds.

I congratulate them, however...this is not me. 

I am a Type 1, much less an adult onset Type 1. The rules are different for me.  Exercising is good, however, for me it is harder to lose weight. I cannot remember the last time I lost weight; I cannot remember the last time I gained weight.  My weight has been about the same for years now; at least since right after my diagnosis. I am careful about what I intake but I am also human.  I have good days, I have bad days; in all honesty, last night at work started good and ended bad. I succumbed to the cereal but avoided the chipped beef on toast.  Like I said, I am human. I try. And -that- is a start.

I am truly grateful for my friends and family who support me in my fight.  There are always a few, though, who leave much to be desired. In over four years now, it still astounds me (though it shouldn't) that the people I live with (and am, sadly, related to) still do not know which type of diabetes I have.

Yes, I am Diabetic.

NO, I do not have Type 2. I have, let's spell it out now boys and girls...T-y-p-e-o-n-e (Type 1).

NO, your comments about my weight do not help me.

NO, bringing me home information about your health club/gym and nagging me to join does not help me. If I decide to join, it will be on my own and not because you have nagged me into it.

NO, my blood sugar levels being high DO NOT mean that I have been eating sugar.  It could mean that I am sick (or coming down with something), I have an infection, I have been eating the wrong thing unknowingly (for me, anything white flour based, rice, fruits, even some whole wheat breads), I am too stressed, I am in pain, I haven't slept well, etc.

NO, my "blood tester" (glucometer) doesn't define me. What the glucometer does is measure the amount of a particular type of sugar in the blood (glucose) that comes from carbohydrates (ie, those things I try desperately to avoid like the plague).  "Normal" numbers for most people (according to doctors) are between 90-130.

For one week, it would be nice to have my house listen and learn from me. To explain, and have my house listen, that just because there are sugar free cookies in the house does not make them "friendly" for me.  That an accidental drink of just four ounces of "regular" soda can contain more sugar than a serving of ice cream (sadly, this actually happened and my concern was met with scorn). That my balance has more to do with carbs plus sugar than just sugar.  That even though the chili is normally thickened with rice, adding the rice renders it inedible for me. Just because the label says "No Sugar Added" on the apple pie does not (sadly :(  ) mean that I can now have it. Sure, it's better than a regular pie in taste, but not in carbohydrates and sugars.  Lastly, I would LOVE for my house to learn that bringing the Diabetic's favorite pie (pecan) into the house and then saying "oh, just don't touch it" is not only cruel but torture.  That's like telling a starving man not to raid your refrigerator. You're just asking for trouble. *sigh*

Well, until next safe and have fun! :)

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