Thursday, June 6, 2013

Rain, rain go away; come again another day.

Things I have learned lately:

1-The picture tube in my 19" television (from freshman year of college) is -just now- starting to go.  The change is slowly creeping in from the bottom right corner, like the television robbing thief it is...bastard.

2-Hurricane season has arrived...along with a current tropical storm. Apparently it's brought with it a lovely sinus migraine for me...oh, joy. 

3-In spite of all the rain, the pollen still lingers in the air around my house. I swear, I must have sneezed 672 times today.

4-It's no fun to sneeze while taking the freshly laundered laundry out of the washing machine because then you just have to put it right back in and wash it all over again.

5-Hasn't anyone ever heard of one pot/pan cooking??! I must have washed five sinks worth of dishes yesterday and then, while up a few moments ago, see that there's another entire sink full. What the heck?? Are dishes now equated to rabbits, or mice? Geesh!

6-Barometric pressure changes, the sudden ones at least, really stink.  My head wishes them to go away now, thank you very much.

7-My bedroom was invaded by a giant (baseball diameter) spider (aka, eight-legged-freak) the other day. No matter how many times I whacked it with a fly swatter the damn thing refused to die before falling down to where I couldn't reach it...sneaky bastard.  I keep yelling for it to go back outside, but something tells me it didn't. 

8-Maybe fly swatters are only meant to kill flies??  Perhaps we need a spider swatter, or a scorpion swatter. Somebody should work on that.

9-In a house with three generations, there are time that -I- (the youngest) am the only adult...sad.

10-Some people just can't sit down and watch a television show without making rude comments and then trying to start a fight when another person asks them to please be quiet.  Is it really necessary to make comments about politics during a show about a concierge doctor in the hamptons?

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