Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jibber Jabber

After a long night at work, it's good to be home.  :)

I discovered a few things last night in the wee hours of the morning.  Would you like to hear/read them? Yes? Okay, here we go! (No? Well, fine. :-P)

1- Four a.m. drags on and on when you run out of caffeine.
2- Sometimes people surprise you. :)
3- I have discovered a new snack food "Snapea Crisps" from Wal-Mart (in the produce section with the slivered almonds and such). Good stuff! Especially the Caesar flavored ones.
4I use too much cheese on my salads.
5- Reading distracts me from focusing on my feet trying to swell.
6- Salad, without protein (ie, lunchmeat, chicken, turkey, ham, steak, etc) is not very filling.
7- The best co-workers for a diabetic are those willing to learn and help you.

I have also learned lately that drama, of any kind, tends to raise my levels.  It helps to have some pretty awesome friends to laugh with, as well as helping me to learn to laugh at myself.

Lately, I have been wondering how other diabetics handle their jobs and home lives in conjunction with their "disease."  Different areas, such as: work, family, finances, sex. I would love to hear how others manage.


  1. You know you are more than welcome to crash on our couch at any time, to help reduce the stess levels :)

    Yeah, definitely need some protein on your salads...turn them into an entre instead of a side dish :D

    1. Aye, I know this and I treasure this information greatly. With y'all I have found a rare and beautiful place to relax and de-stress. (Same as the de-stress place on the other end of town...but without Spring cleaning chores ;) ) I truly appreciate everything and everyone when I visit, which is why I try to pay it forward with what I do when I'm there...which is how I explained it to the English major last visit.

  2. You explained it very well, and i will do my best not to complain overly much about it now that i understand, but i can not promise to be perfect:)

  3. I'd druther you didn't complain about it a'tall but knowing you... :-P.