Monday, May 27, 2013

It's a bright, bright, bright, bright and sunshine-y day...

...Eh, no, it's not. I can pretend it is and be all smiles but that just won't help things. A lot of things have been worrying on me lately, one of them being my "disease", as some term it. It pisses me off when people act as if it's contagious; c'mon people...really? You can't catch diabetes...idiots.

Yes, that's correct. I am Diabetic.  And before you, my diabetes can't be fixed with "oh darlin', just move a lil more and you'll be fine/just cut back on your food and you'll be fine/lose weight and you'll be fine."

Diabetes doesn't work that way. What helps to manage one diabetic doesn't necessarily work for another diabetic. For example, what type are you? What foods are your 'triggers' for a high reading?  Do you have a high stress job that affects your blood sugar levels? Do you work nights?

No, we are not all the same. We do not come from some diabetic cookie cutter. There is no miracle solution for all. It's not just about a number; there are so many tangents that are involved in a 'normal' reading...not to mention that every diabetics 'normal' is different. 

I am, simply, me. My disease, my diagnosis, does not make me. It does not break me. It may harm me but I do my best daily to fight my battle.  Some days I succeed, some days I fail.  Throughout it all, I am strong. Not because I want to be strong, not because I need to be strong...but because I -have- to be strong. 

I am not the only one who depends on me and from that I draw my strength. There are forty-seven loving people who depend on me daily among numerous adopted family and friends. I have completely recreated my blog here to act as an outlet for rants and vents.  I welcome those of you who are also diabetic, or related to a diabetic, to share and comment.  We must shore each other up and support each other in good and in bad.

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