Thursday, May 30, 2013

Four women walk down the stairs, how many reach the lobby?

I received some awesome news in my email yesterday! One of the items I ordered from an a-maz-ing company is finally being shipped after being hand-crafted! Woot woot! I have got an ear to ear grin on my face. Hopefully the item will arrive before my vacation in June!

Today's been pretty productive: laundry, figuring out html script, laundry, lunch, laundry, more script, laundry.  I swear, some days I think rabbits live in my dresser with all the laundry that I have!

Work tonight then travel a bit in the morning to pick up a wheelchair for a friend of mine that needs a new one.  Thank goodness for connections and veterans! Completely free, brand new chair for him (or so the current owner says). It's a good thing. :)  Then Saturday after work, more down time with an awesome friend and her granddaughter (such a cute, smart cookie!). Can't wait to hang out; possibly head up towards the ex-bestie to get my wedding dress, reception items and printer. We'll see.

Off to conquer the last of the laundry rabbits...wish me luck!

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