Saturday, June 22, 2013

From the Land of Milk and Honey....

Work after a -beautiful- vacation is exhausting!

Really, I have to actually do stuff now?! *pouts*

Busy, busy morning filled with cravings for protein of any kind: cheese, turkey, chicken....mmmm, chicken. *drools*

Specifically, General Tao's breaded chicken bites and the seasoned chicken and garlic and cheese mini biscuits at work for breakfast (ok, two biscuits...but they were small!).  General Tao's with the salad last night, chicken and itty bitty scrumptious biscuits this morning, followed by a 'snack' of General Tao's....ah, heaven for the taste buds.

Alas, definitely -not- heaven for the sugar levels. (Just don't ask.)  Let's just say that after six and a half days of awesome mid-range and low levels (well, mid and low for me anyway) I caved.  I couldn't resist the smells of the deliciousness.  I should have turned tail and run the opposite direction, though...I reaalllllllllllly should have.

Part of me is disappointed in myself while the other part is calmly pointing out 'hello, female hell still. can't help cravings.' So, now, I have the urge to walk and burn off some of the 'naughty' chicken breading.  There is, however, a fly in the ointment.

No one to walk with.

No place to walk to that would interest me enough to want to walk there.

No room in the living room to exercise.

No room in my room to exercise.


Any ideas?

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